In Pingle, Guilin
Relax and get ready to embark on a tailored trip
full of local cultural immersion and beauty of nature.

Located at the last ten kilometers of the scenic and symbolic Li River, Guilin Litopia takes advantage of a variety of inspiring natural and cultural attractions.
The picturesque karst scenes, the fresh seasonal cuisine, as well as the local festivals of the minorities enrich the exciting journey to come.

The Other Menu
The Other Menu features an authentic local full-day menu prepared from the freshest seasonal ingredients in a relaxed ambience.
The local essentials A Bite of Pingle is offered in "CHI" on the first floor of Guilin Litopia by reservation at least one day in advance.

Aesthetics Programs

A variety of art and craft courses are available in Guilin Litopia as part of the Aesthetics Program. Sesonal courses include oil painting, photography, craft design and making, etc.

Sensations of Five Senses & Five Tastes

To travel is not only to reach your destinations, but also to collect moments of surprises along the journey. Get to know Pingle and Guilin better by experiencing and memorizing it through your trip of five senses.

Come discover more possibilities of Pingle and Guilin with us.

Customized Itinerary

Our hosts are happy to assist in preparation of an itinerary tailored to your  specigic needs.Speak to our experienced local staff to find out more about these incredible sights and experiences. We’ll be happy to help arrange something special for you.

Phone :+86 199 9790 0101

Bamboo Rafting
Morning Yoga
Movie Screening
Starry Skies
Local Specials